If you're looking for a mechanic in Amarillo, Texas, you're in luck. It seems like you can't throw a rock in this town without hitting a shop or garage. A study was done recently to see which cities in the US are the most affordable when it comes to shelling out dough for auto repair. The surprise of the century? Amarillo is number one.

Amarillo, Texas Beats The Rest Of The Nation For Affordable Auto Repair

I'll admit I was a little shocked; mostly because getting any work done on your vehicle feels like a major expense. I don't think the words "affordable" and "auto repair" belong in the same sentence. It seems that those of us in Amarillo should be grateful though, at least according to a recent study that was done.

According to a study done by NetCredit, Amarillo, Texas is hands down the most affordable place in the country to have your vehicle worked on. In Amarillo, Texas we're paying roughly 19.5% less than the national average for work done on our vehicles.

Amarillo, Texas Isn't The Only Lone Star City With Cheap Auto Repair

If you need to have your Texas pride stroked a little bit, you'll be glad to know that not only did Amarillo come in as the cheapest in the nation; Laredo, Texas came in second. The only other state to have runners is California. They happen to have the three most expensive cities for auto repair.

While the cost of having any work done on your vehicle can feel like a wrecking ball has been taken to your bank account, I guess we should be thankful that we're in Amarillo. At least it's not San Francisco. That's where people pay the most.

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