If you're looking to pick up some work in Amarillo, Texas, a bunch of openings just became available. As we move into spring and then summer, the City will need to fill a lot of seasonal positions. If you have a teenager looking for summer work, or you're looking for yourself, this is something to keep on your radar.

The City Of Amarillo Is Hosting Hiring Events For Summer Jobs

If you've ever thought that getting a tan while watching people awkwardly flop around in water sounds like the perfect job, you're in luck. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, there are a lot of other positions available as well.

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The City of Amarillo has announced it will have hiring events to fill various summer jobs with the city. They include:

  • lifeguards
  • pool cashiers
  • program attendants

The hiring events will be on March 14 and April 23 of this year. The hiring events are for those who are 15 and older.

Go Ready For On-Site Interviews And Drug Tests

The announcement states that there will be on-site interviews and, get this, drug screens. So, you know, heads up on that. If those go well, you could leave the event with a job offer. I wish more places did their hiring this efficiently.

Training, uniforms, and competitive pay are being offered. If you're an applicant who is 15 to 17 years old, you'll need a parent or guardian to tag along with you. Awkward? Maybe. However, it's a small price to pay to get a job offer the same day you interview.

You will need two forms of identification with you. Take along your driver's license, school I.D., birth certificate, social security card...you get it.

If you needed a reminder that summer is almost here, there it is.

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