Amarillo, Texas may not seem like the kind of place you'd find a must-visit brunch location, but that's exactly what has happened recently. A list of the Top 100 Brunch Spots in the Nation put out by the Brunch Expert found itself topped by a place we're all very familiar with in Amarillo.

Congratulations To An Amarillo, Texas Food Truck Named Top Brunch Spot

The nationwide list has many places you'd expect to see on a list of top brunch places. From Hawaii to Massachusetts, cozy dining spots find themselves in a battle over who has the best waffles and mimosas. There aren't many surprises. That is until you see who scored number one on the list.

The top place to get brunch in the entire nation is right here in Yellow City.

Texas Is A Brunch Lover's Paradise

While Amarillo, Texas claims the top spot in the country, Austin, Texas claimed the most places on the list making it the brunch capital of the nation. California claimed the title of state with the most places to get brunch.

Austin, Texas took the second and third spot on the list. Corner Restaurant in Austin came in second. Corinne Austin took third place honors.

Congrats to The Brunch Truck In Amarillo, Texas; The Nation's Best Brunch Spot

I wrote about The Brunch Truck a couple of years ago. My girlfriend has very specific dietary restrictions and finding a place we can both go enjoy is insanely difficult in Amarillo. The Brunch Truck, however, catered to both of us and it's hands down our favorite spot in town.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

If you've ever been by The Brunch Truck then you know Paul. He's one of the nicest, and most genuine people you'll ever meet. Every time my girlfriend and I go, he calls us by name and spends time talking with us. He's a pro at making you feel welcome.

If you've yet to make the trip to The Brunch Truck, do yourself a favor. Go try it out. The menu caters to pretty much every craving you could have at 11 AM on a Sunday.

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Brunch is an important meal here in Amarillo.

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