We are accustomed to hearing how much blood donations are needed. What we aren't as accustomed to hearing is that our blood supply is in danger of being in a really bad situation. Coffee Memorial Blood Center sent out a press release today outlining just how desperate the need is for appointments right now in Amarillo, Texas.

Why The Blood Supply Is In Danger In Amarillo, Texas

According to the press release sent out by Coffee Memorial Blood Center, the problem is in the number of donations scheduled. I was shocked to find out that it takes 1,200 donations a day to keep the supply strong. The release states that as of this morning, there aren't enough donations scheduled to meet the demand. In their own words:

We cannot sustain a safe blood supply for our communities at our current rate of collections.

That's bad news for you or your loved ones if you should wind up in the hospital needing blood. That's bad news for me and mine. It's honestly some potentially bad news for all of us.

How To Help The Blood Supply In The Panhandle

Donate. It's that easy. It takes about an hour of your time, and when you're done you'll get some stuff to take home and the knowledge that you just helped save lives. The press release states that when you donate, your donation will go to save three lives. That's got to make you feel good. Real heroes don't wear capes. They wear gauze and wraps.

You know things are looking bad when you get a press release from Coffee Memorial Blood Center and it doesn't include information about a t-shirt. The t-shirts set aside for donors are collector's items that people scramble to get. In today's press release, no time was devoted to the shirts or cool swag you get when you donate. All that was discussed was the dire need for donors.

Where And When To Donate

The good news is that there is a laundry list of blood drives coming up all across the Texas panhandle. These provide a great opportunity for you to go and donate without giving up much of your time. All it takes is about an hour.

For more information on donating and when there will be upcoming drives, visit Coffee Memorial's website by following this link.

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