Today, I took a little trip and decided to see what's going on with my new least favorite intersection in town. Good ol' 34th and Western is a nightmare. In fact, both versions of 34th and Western are a nightmare, for completely different reasons.

Can we please stop acting completely insane at 34th and Western, and just drive like we know what we're doing?

It's Just Construction. You Should Be Used To It By Now.

I've watched people speed through the intersection because they're tired of waiting, which I get. Still, it doesn't mean it's right. You have a red light? Sorry. It's not your turn to go anymore, friend. Wait your turn like you have some sense.

Also, don't be that idiot who winds up sitting in the middle of the intersection staring at everybody doing the "what" gesture with your hands, like you're not the one who decided to risk your dignity to get through the light faster.

You rolled the dice. You lost. Now, we all have to wait. Don't be that person.

Which Leads Me To The Other 34th And Western

Thanks to the construction on one part of 34th and Western, you can expect traffic to back up from time to time on Western in the south bound lanes. It's aggravating to be stuck waiting in line through who knows how many red lights trying to get on Western.

I attempted this solely for the sake of science. I know it's wiser to take Janet Drive. However, not everyone is as smart as you and I.

The light turned green and the vehicle in front of me turned left onto Western. Traffic was a bit backed up thanks to the construction ahead. I pulled all the way into the far lane so I wasn't blocking traffic, and stayed out of the way.

Looking behind me, another three vehicles had tried to squeeze in. Why? Why would you do that when there obviously isn't any room at the inn for you, Mary?

The best part, and I had to hide my face because I was laughing, is when they all started looking at every other car on the road trying to blame someone else for their moronic decision.

Please, everyone, for the love of all that we hold sacred in the panhandle, do better.

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