Even in Amarillo, Texas where we often celebrate cheaper fuel than most other places, many of us still complain about the gas price. Every time we fill up, we feel it right in our wallet. If you're looking for a way to save big on the price of gas, there's a special coming up that's going to give you a discount that's pretty much unheard of.

Celebrate The Eclipse In Amarillo With Cheap Gas

This upcoming Monday, April 8, is going to be a very busy day. Of course, the biggest news about the day is the eclipse that will be taking place. While that's going on Toot'n Totum will be teamed up with Valero to offer those of us needing to fill the tank a big discount.

On April 8, they will be offering a one-time discount of $0.95 per gallon to new users of Valero Pay+ and Valero Value Pay. Existing users will see a discount of $.45 per gallon. After that, users will see a discount of $.20 per gallon for the "foreseeable future", as a recent press release put it.

Download An App And Save A Lot On Fuel

The press release says that getting set up to use Valero Pay+ and Valero Value Pay is simple. According to the release, all you'll need to do is download the Valero Pay+ app and sign up for Valero Value Pay. The whole process is supposedly very simple to go through on your mobile device and only takes a few minutes.

I'm not a fan of downloading apps to make purchases, but these discounts have me thinking that it might be worth it this time. For more information, visit the Toot'n Totum website at this link.

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