This morning I had an interesting conversation with a coworker. We were talking about the last time we remembered buying chicken. Oddly enough, neither one of us could remember the last time. The reason? It's expensive.

Why is chicken so incredibly expensive in Amarillo?

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I Miss Being Able To Enjoy A Nicely Prepared Breast

At one point, chicken was my favorite go-to when it came to cooking. There's a lot you can do with a breast to make it something really special.

My favorite recipe was for Marry Me Chicken, which is a gamble to prepare based on how you feel regarding long term commitments. There's a reason why it's called that.

The combination of herbs and spices, the sun roasted tomatoes, the sauce you drizzle over the breast once it's nice and hot; it all formed a culinary symphony that delighted the taste buds.

Not anymore.

Why Are Breasts So Expensive?

Legs and wings don't seem to feel like quite the economic burden that breasts do. This reports states that costs have jumped a whole 17% compared to 2021. Why?

I checked reports from this year, as recent as last month, and this is what I found out. There's a lot that goes into deciding how much a breast will cost.

grilled chicken breast with spinach and peppers

For instance, a proper diet is needed to make sure the breast reaches proper proportions. Thanks to droughts in multiple countries, and unprecedented (a word we've gotten really familiar with) demand in places like China, feed became more expensive.

Which winds up making chicken more expensive, which in turn makes those boneless breasts even more expensive.


From what I've been able to find, these are the factors causing breasts to be a drag at the grocery store:

  • Cost of feed
  • Effects of Avian Flu (yeah we had another one of those)
  • Rise in demand
  • Inflation (of course)
  • Supply chain issues, shipping issues, weather issues

Unfortunately, I didn't come across anything that pointed to any relief in the near future regarding the cost of those boneless breasts.

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