Today is Valentine's Day in Amarillo, Texas. Soon, the roads will be filled with couples trying desperately to remain in love while dealing with the stress of dealing with Yellow City traffic. If you're struggling to come up with a date night idea, you might want to consider one of these.

Go To A Date Night Spot In Amarillo, Texas That Has Everything In One Place

If you want to take the easy way out, go for Cinergy Entertainment. It's just off of Soncy by Townsquare Village. There's food, movies, adult refreshments, bowling, laser tag, and arcade games.

The only drawback is if you want to have a nice adult night out. There will be kids there, in droves. There always is. If you can get past that, you could just hit one spot and call it done.

Try Your Luck At Getting A Lane At One Of Amarillo's Iconic Bowling Alleys

Western Bowl offers a little bit of the same as Cinergy. There's a heavy emphasis on bowling, of course, but they also have food, a decent bar, and an arcade for you to kill time while waiting for your lane to open up.

Heads up, the last time I tried going to Western Bowl on Valentine's Day it was incredibly busy. So be prepared for this to be your hangout for a while, if you you decide to brave it.

There's Always A Stroll Along Polk Street In Amarillo, Texas For Date Night

While you might not be able to get in the bowling, Polk Street does have food, places to sit and have a drink or cocktail, and even an arcade. You've got your choice of cuisine. There are plenty of options for food. When it comes to drinks, you have restaurants and a few other options. For the arcade, there's Lit.

Lit is one of my favorite date night places in general. My significant other and I have a tradition of visiting the photo booth every time we go. The staff has always treated us well.

You could start at a restaurant, go play games at Lit, and then have a nightcap all on one stretch of road. The downside is, well, you have to walk from one place to the other. Parking can also be an absolute nightmare.

Try Heading Down To Historic Route 66 On 6th In Amarillo, Texas

The perks of heading down to 6th is that plenty is going on if you want an adult night out. There are places to get a bite to eat that are iconic to the area, and there is usually live music happening somewhere along 6th. If you like dancing and don't feel like dealing with a younger club vibe, this might be what you're looking for.

Heads up, parking can be a real drag. Plus, some places still allow smoking inside if that's something you worry about.

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