In case you forgot, December was a rough month for the city of Amarillo when it came to plumbing. The Globe News Center for the Performing Arts was unfortunately the victim of some issues when it came to a broken sprinkler head.

According to a press release from earlier today, hopes are for big progress in March.

Significant Water Damage On Christmas Eve At Globe News Center

On Christmas Eve, the Globe News Center suffered significant water damage. As unfortunate as it was, there was a little silver lining. The damage had primarily been done in the restrooms and lobby areas.

That means the stage area was pretty much unscathed.

At the time, there was news of an event having to be moved. Thankfully, the Civic Center was able to step in and help.

Restoration work began.

March Is The First Goal For The Globe News Center

According to a press release issued by the City of Amarillo, the big goal for the Globe News Center at the moment is to be ready to host some events and be operational by the end of March.

In the press release, the point is made that the total restoration of the Globe News Center will take somewhere between four and five months. The March goal is just the first major step along the way.

The press release also states that the City is adamant that the Globe News Center be restored to not just its previous glory, but possibly beyond.

The timing is right, if you think about it. If there was ever time to make improvements, it might as well be now while the restoration work is being done.

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