One of the biggest headlines across the US for the past few days has been the God's Army "Take Our Border Back" convoy rolling on its way to our southern border with Mexico. The convoy has made it into Texas as of yesterday and is making its way to its final destinations where rallies will be held. What can we expect as we near the end of the week-long trek?

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When Did The Convoy Reach Texas?

According to reports, the convoy made its way into Texas yesterday and is now heading to the border. Sightings of the convoy were reported in the area around Beaumont yesterday. The plan, according to the "Take Back Our Borders" website, is to hold a little pep rally this evening in Dripping Springs before everyone heads to the various border sites. These sites will be where the bigger rallies will be held.

What Can We Expect As The Convoy Rolls Through Texas?

That's honestly anyone's guess at this point. The entire thing has become polarizing, even if that wasn't anyone's intention. Supporters are reinforced in their belief in what they're doing. Those who are opposed to the convoy and its message have also been emboldened.

Supposedly, there have been tires slashed and even people kicked out of the convoy thus far. That's all according to reports from earlier in the week.

Where Exactly Is The Convoy Headed?

In Texas, the convoy is making its way down the road to Eagle Pass. This weekend there is a scheduled rally that will take place there. The other locations include Yuma, Arizona, and San Ysidro, California.

Not much info is given about what we can expect to see at the individual rallies. Lawn chairs and coolers, however, are encouraged. That much is made very clear.

Hopefully, this event comes and goes without incident. The border is an incredibly tense subject at the moment, and fingers crossed some resolution is found sooner rather than later.

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