Road projects are nothing new in Amarillo. We're accustomed to it. One of my favorite questions to hear come from newcomers is when it it will all be done. Probably not for a while, at least that's what I tell them.

So, heads up commuters near Bolton in Amarillo, I've got some good and bad news for you.

Let's Go With The Bad News First

There's a big project coming to Bolton in Amarillo. It stretches from S.E. 13 to S.E. 27. According to the press release the project will include removing and replacing embedment material above the water transfer line, curb and gutter repair, installing temporary and permanent street markings, and pavement restoration.

It sounds like a lot.

There is a public meeting scheduled for tomorrow (9/14) at 6 PM. The press release states that the meeting will be a time where the public can get information about the project and ask questions of City staff regarding the project.

It will be held at the Amarillo Downtown Library.

Now, For The Good News

Which isn't really that much better than the bad news. At least for now. This project sounds like it could take a while. I would wager it lasts longer than an afternoon.

However, after living through the construction at S. Coulter and the Loop, I can tell you that once it is done it is so nice. You just have to live through the headache. While the construction isn't done at Coulter and the Loop completely, you can see the end is near.

The press release does state that the contract for the project does include provisions to help minimize the impact to neighborhood traffic. Still, if you don't absolutely have to be in that area, you may want to find another way around.

As always, be patient and kind to the crews. Drive slow and don't text and drive. Everyone wants to see their families at the end of the day. You might just be a few minutes late.

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