It doesn't involve walking into a bar or other members of the clergy. There's really no punchline to speak of. It really happened.

Did you hear the one about the Amarillo priest that the Vatican defrocked?

Who Is Frank Pavone, And Why Is That Name Familiar?

Frank spent time in Amarillo as a priest. During that time, he...ruffled some feathers; you might say. You see, Frank presents himself as a very passionate individual with a calling to tackle a certain hot-button issue.

Frank's a big anti-abortion activist, even heading the organization Priests for Life. The trouble really started to bubble while Frank was in Yellow City. According to numerous reports, he had a bit a knack for butting heads with his bishop.

How Did Frank Pavone Get Defrocked For Being Pro-Life?

He didn't. It wasn't the pro-life stance that got ol' Frank in trouble. Reports state that it was a long string of events that eventually led to Pavone losing his status as a priest.

The wildest of which involved an aborted fetus, an alter, and social media.

In his defense, his life's work has pretty much been the pro-life cause. He's at least consistent, and obviously committed to the cause.

He's also accused of blasphemy, which supposedly stems from a heated exchange on Twitter. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the Bible and theology in general, so let's just say blasphemy is one hell of a big deal to be accused of.

He maintains his innocence, and makes the whole thing sound like a giant personal vendetta against him. Honestly the whole thing is wild. In case you didn't know, Frank even found himself working as the co-chair of Donald Trump's pro-life coalition.

Here's The Water Cooler Version

A priest, formerly of Amarillo, made national news for being defrocked. Over the years he's made a name for himself by being a lightning rod for controversy, especially when it involves Trump or abortion.

The Vatican ultimately gave the order. This guy was so infamous that he got kicked out of the club from the other side of the world.

He's not going to stop though. He's said that he doesn't intend of giving up on his ministry.

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