I'm sure you're familiar with Meow Wolf in New Mexico. It's an art exhibit/gallery/experience that is interactive. It tells a story and is supposed to get your imagination going. It's like a playground made out of someone's artistic vision.

Amarillo's newest art exhibit is something like that. Maybe. We're not really sure, and that's what's bugging me.

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The Simulated Universe Exists Right Here In Amarillo...

...and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I was tipped off by a friend about this new art exhibit/project/installation/collective/movement in Amarillo. I asked them questions, and all they responded with was...

"Follow the breadcrumbs."

In that moment I knew how Neo must have felt when his computer screen told him to watch for the White Rabbit. While I'm sure someone could just give me the details, that would ruin the experience.

Part of it, is the journey one takes to get there. To think, people have said I'm incapable of deep thoughts.

How Do You Find The Simulated Universe?

You look for it. I know that seems like the kind of answer only a jerk would give, but it's the truth.

You see, there's a building in town that has a sign out front featuring a QR code. You pull out your phone, scan the code, and away you go on your adventure.

Things go one step further though. You see, The Simulated Universe is a collective. It's a group of artists. What you will experience is called Synchronicity.

Confused yet? Good. Me too, and we're just getting started.

An Artist Collective And A Very Talkative A.I.

I was able to find a link to begin my journey with, which I will share with you and pray that no robed figures come and steal me away in the night. Once there, you're on your own.

There's a lot to read. There's some backstory on The Simulated Universe, and there are some details about the Synchronicity experience. While you're looking through all of that, you'll become very familiar with the resident A.I.

Though, those details are pretty much only "it's coming soon" and "kids 13 and under need an adult with them." The A.I. will even offer to help you with any questions you may have.

In The Words Of Tom Waits, "What's He Building In There?"

I'm obsessed at this point. I need to know what is inside that little white building with the sign out front. What is Synchronicity? What is The Simulated Universe?

Whatever they are, mission accomplished so far, folks. You've got me thinking.

Isn't that the point anyways?

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