About a month ago, a conversation was had around the office regarding the best tamales in Amarillo. The only thing we all agreed on, was that they don't come from a restaurant. You need to know who to ask.

Since then, I've met some people who go all out when it comes to tamales this time of year.

How A Single Beer Lead To Tamales And Vegan Food

I recently stopped in at Rounders for a beer. Had never been there, and had several people tell me it was a pretty "chill" place. So, I joined a friend for a celebratory post-work barley pop.

While I was doing my best to unwind to the smooth sounds of Pantera and a rowdy round of darts being played in the background, a man walked in. My friend got really, really excited.

This is where I met Jeff The Burrito Guy.

Get To Know Your Walking Vendors Of Various Wares In Amarillo

I've talked about the flower guys before. Any time they show up to a bar or restaurant, I at least strike up a conversation. It's always worth it. Majority of the time I'll buy a flower just to keep it going.

One of them even does magic tricks.

Jeff The Burrito Guy didn't do any magic tricks, though I have my suspicions he may know a few. Instead he walked over to my friend and I and began talking to us like we had all known each other forever.

Burritos, Tamales, And Vegan Options

Once Jeff and I became friends, including on Facebook, we got to talking about burritos. Unfortunately, I had just finished a meal before hitting the bar. So, no burrito for me. My friend passed because they have a very strict diet they adhere to for medical reasons.

When my friend mentioned that they eat vegan, Jeff's eyes lit up. Suddenly we were caught in a whirlwind of vegan options for burritos and tamales. There was butter squash all over of our conversation. Jeff enthusiastically described how he would manipulate different ingredients to bring out the most amazing flavors.

I was blown away.

Later, my friend would regale me with tales about Jeff and his burritos and how I desperately need to save room next time for one of them.

The Big Take Away? Just Ask.

This is the second time I've been blown away by meal options, and tamales. Check out Jeff's Facebook page for more info on how to get in touch with him regarding orders.

The other time, recently, that I was surprised with talks of tamales was at the Brunch Truck.

If you're looking for something in Amarillo, all you need to to do is ask and you'll find it...apparently.

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