Earlier this year, people named Kyle were being summoned to Texas to help claim a world record. Hopes were high. The pride of several Texans was on the line. This was to be the year that a world record would be moved from the other side of the planet and brought home to roost in the Lone Star State. The problem is that things didn't go according to plan in Kyle, Texas, and hopes for the record were dashed to pieces.

The Hunt For A World Record In Kyle, Texas

Every year in Kyle, Texas they have the Kyle Fair. It's pretty much what you would expect from a fair in the Lone Star State. There's live music, food, and rides. There's also an attempt to get a Guinness World Record. The record that's being sought is the largest gathering of people who share the same first name.

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The current record is held by a town in Bosnia. They were able to gather 2,325 people named Ivan. The record hasn't been touched since 2017, despite the attempts made by Kyle. Last year, Kyle, Texas was able to gather 1,490 people named Kyle. Not close to breaking the record, but enough to inspire a second attempt.

What Went Wrong At Gathering Of The Kyles 2024?

Unfortunately for Kyle, Texas, the Gathering Of The Kyles fell way short of bringing home the world record. Based off of last year's gathering, you'd think there would be an increase in the number of Kyles that showed up. Unfortunately, that's not the case.


The Gathering Of The Kyles at the Kyle Fair in Kyle, Texas wasn't even able to get 1,000 Kyles gathered. Reports have the official total coming in at 706. That's a long way from the 2,326 needed. Not only did they come up short, but they even went backward.

What happened? What went wrong? Why did fewer Kyles show up than last year? No matter the reason, all we can do is look to the future. Hopefully, this doesn't sideline any hopes for getting the world record from Bosnia and bringing it to the land of bluebonnets. Keep your chin up, Kyles of Kyle, Texas. You'll have your day.

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