Burnout happens. Brain drain is a thing we all battle with. There are moments during the workday when you wish you could just unplug from the world, turn off the noise in your head, and maybe find a little inspiration.

If you need a break and a little inspiration, check out these 5 spots around Amarillo.

Take A Break At The Medi Park Walking Track

This is one of my go-to spots. Just take a couple of laps around the walking track at Medi Park. It's great for turning off your brain for a few minutes.

You get a lot of sunshine, and just when you think the fury of the blazing hot Texas panhandle sun is going to make your skin melt from the bone you'll find yourself in a little bit of shade.

A Solo Duck in the pond at Medical Park in Northwest Amarillo
Michael J. Rivera/Townsquare Media

There's plenty of people watching that takes place. From the people who are fishing to the people you see randomly taking a nap under a tree, you've got it all.

Also, don't forget the ducks and the geese.

Get Lost At Hobby Lobby

I used to love walking around Hobby Lobby. I hardly ever purchase something. It's just great for walking around for a bit and turning the brain off.

Except now, they've changed things up a bit. That means there are people inadvertently wandering around, just like you are. Except these people are accidentally lost and probably are a bit grumpy.

Grumpy vibes are no good for checking out from reality for a few minutes.

Just Go Sit At A Coffee Shop For A Bit

I usually wind up at Palace on Georgia. It has a nice, chilled out vibe. Everyone there is pretty nice. People tend to stick themselves thanks to the headphones sticking in their ears.

I like to go, get a cup of coffee, and journal at this spot. People watching is pretty boring because everyone is so engrossed in their laptop and headphones, but they aren't going to be bothering you at all.

Bonus points for the overhead music that is usually pretty on point.

Take Walk Into Hobo Hills

This is another one of my favorites. Get some sunshine on your skin. Take a little walk and let things get off your mind. Say hi to the occasional person on a bicycle. Then read the graffiti.

There are drawbacks to this spot though.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

The big one is bugs. For the love of all that's holy, I've walked through more spiderwebs than I care to think about counting. Mosquitos are lurking in the trees, as well.

Seriously, be prepared to commune with the little critters of nature when you hit those trails.

Just Make The Drive To Palo Duro Canyon Or Lake Meredith

One, I love driving. Two, I love being outside. Both of these places are great for getting away from it all and turning off your brain for a minute.

Bonus points to these locations because you usually wind up some spotty cell service. That's right. No annoying, pointless, never-ending phone calls.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

Heads up though. I don't recommend going during the heat of the day. In fact, sundown or sunrise are about the best times for either one of these places at the moment. Give it a few months, and that will change.

Bonus: 6th Street/Route 66

There's a lot to take in on 6th. There's no shortage of neat little shops to go aimlessly walk around. You have coffee shops to stop in, and they're each very unique.

There's usually live music happening somewhere along 6th, and you get the added bonus of being on Route 66. There's a lot of Route 66 inspired...goodness...to take in.

Where do you go to get away from it all?

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