Amarillo, Texas is the subject of many songs that we are all familiar with. We've all grown up listening to songs about it taking a whole night to get to Amarillo from San Antonio, being lost and wondering if you're on the way to Amarillo, and we've been name-dropped by some of the biggest names in music history. This isn't one of those songs.

New Single Name Drops Amarillo, Texas For The Millionth Time...

...and I don't hate it. I roll my eyes every time I see a new "Amarillo song". No offense to anyone, but most of them come off as cheesy and the word "Amarillo" just feels like an uninspired placeholder in the lyrics. When I opened an email from my editor touting another new "Amarillo song", I took a deep breath and dug in not expecting much.

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What I found was one of the better songs about Amarillo I've heard in a while. It wasn't a cheesy love fest that sounded like someone was hoping to get a little airtime before a Sod Poodles game. It was a song about getting in trouble in Amarillo, something a lot of us from Amarillo are very familiar with.

Just Give Me Three Chords And The Truth, Even About Amarillo

The song "Amarillo" by Michael Scott Sanem is supposedly based on what he calls a "memorable night". I'm not sure what took place, but it inspired a tune that claims "...Amarillo got me in trouble again". Sounds familiar.

Michael is an artist from Frisco, and after a night in our town decided to write a song about Amarillo getting him in trouble. I can't quit laughing. It's funny because it's true. If you come to Amarillo looking for a good time, it will definitely send you home with a story to tell. It's available to stream on Spotify at the moment. Thanks for stopping by Michael. Good job on the tune.

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