For a variety of reasons, there seems to be a lot more people standing in medians asking for money. Whether it's donations for a charitable cause, or money for someone's next meal, it seems like someone is waiting for you at almost any intersection in town.

APD put out a video recently addressing the issue, and the danger it poses.

The Holidays Are Coming Up, Which Means A Lot Of Traffic

One of the first points they bring up in the social media post surrounding the video, is that the holiday season is here. Of course, with the holidays comes holiday traffic. There are people everywhere, and that includes people in the median asking for money.

APD decided now would be a good time to issue this reminder for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Increase In Incidents Involving Pedestrians Struck By Vehicles

Another point they make, is that we have seen an increase in the number of pedestrians who have been struck by a vehicle. There have been numerous stories recently of these incidents, most of which were fatal.

I recently wondered if it was an actual increase, or if it's just that these things are being reported on more. It looks like, from the APD post, that there is an actual increase.

Interestingly Enough, Panhandling Isn't Illegal. Stopping The Flow Of Traffic Is.

In the comments section, several people suggest making panhandling and asking for donations illegal. Neat idea, but don't get too excited, hoss.

According to information in the post, it is thanks to some decisions from the Supreme Court that this particular type of activity is protected. Apparently it somehow falls under free speech.

What is illegal is stopping the regular flow of traffic. That goes for pedestrians and drivers alike.

I also have to give a tip of the hat to APD for their response to those who call for making this type of activity illegal. APD responded that their goal is to see that those who are in need of help get the help they need. They're not wanting to punish those who have a true need.

APD Offers Recommendations For Pedestrians And Drivers

They recommend connecting with local organizations and charities if you're needing assistance, and making donations directly to them if you're wanting to help out.

They even give you phone numbers to call as part of their social media post.

With the holidays upon us, pay extra attention to what's going on while you drive. We'd all like to make it to 2023.

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