Legends of monstrous fish lurking in the dark waters of lakes are nothing new. Something you don't hear every day is stories about a killer octopus lurking in man-made lakes. However, that's exactly what you get in the terrifying legend of the Oklahoma Octopus.

The Legend Of The Mythical Oklahoma Octopus

As is the case with most stories like this, it depends on who you ask. Some folks say that the Oklahoma Octopus lives in either Lake Oolagah, Lake Tenkiller, or Lake Thunderbird in Oklahoma. The octopus, also referred to as a freshwater demon, is blamed for the drownings that have happened in those lakes.

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According to legend, the octopus preys upon unsuspecting swimmers. Legend has it that the monster measures to be the size of a horse (a very official-sounding unit of measurement). Another interesting aspect of the Oklahoma Octopus is that the freshwater demon only resembles an octopus. No one is really sure what it is.


No physical proof exists to confirm the existence of the freshwater demon; just the legends and folklore surrounding the unfortunate demise of swimmers through the years. It was featured on the television show Lost Tapes, which highlighted a story of the octopus attacking and drowning three people who were just trying to have a good time on the lake.

Origins of the legend are believed to be Native American legends of an aquatic beast that is massive in size with long tentacles and a thirst for human flesh. That's one hell of a bedtime story.

Could The Oklahoma Octopus Really Exist?

It's not likely, though there are instances of an octopus living in a freshwater environment. One such case was in Arkansas. The octopus survived in the freshwater long enough to be discovered clinging to the wall of a dam.


Supposedly, there have been instances of certain kinds of jellyfish adapting to survive in freshwater. Could the freshwater demon actually be a massive jellyfish? I doubt it. Jellyfish don't strike me as the kind to have an appetite for human flesh that's been beer-battered.

If you plan to visit any lakes in Oklahoma this summer, keep an eye out and snap a picture if you see the freshwater demon.

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