Recently, I wrote about the massive field of cars near Pampa, TX. In a field, pretty much in the middle of nowhere, rests over 200 vehicles that many would classify as classic.

You chimed in with rumors, legends, stories, and a lot of opinions. Here are some of our favorites.

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What Do Jay Leno And Pampa, Texas Have In Common? A Car Obsession.

According to one user on our Facebook page, the rusted collection that sits along the highway caught the attention of one of late night TV's biggest stars. The legend goes that the man, the myth, the chin, Jay Leno himself, took an interest in the vehicles.

If you know anything about Jay Leno offstage, you know that he loves collecting classics. It isn't too far outside the realm of possibility that he would be interested. How he came to be interested is something I can't even begin to piece together.

Honestly...what is Jay Leno doing running around Pampa? I was born in Pampa, have been back several times since, and haven't seen anything that would lead me to believe that Jay Leno hangs out there.

The story supposedly ends with Jay Leno's offers meeting the same fate as every other offer that has been given for those vehicles.

Those Vehicles Are Absolutely Not For Sale

Multiple people shared stories on our Facebook page about inquiring whether or not the vehicles were for sale. They all met the same answer, and supposedly that includes Jay Leno.

None of them are for sale.

The cars sit there, and will forever sit there, because the owner has absolutely no desire to sell.


One person shared a story of a time when supposedly someone was told that they could make a purchase. The only catch was that the vehicles were $1,000 a piece and you had to take them all.

That's the only mention of a possible moment where someone was given an "offer."

It's An Outdoor Hoarder

Some people seem to think that it's just a hoarder who has put their collection outside. Judging from the responses we received from people living in Pampa, that's not the case. The person behind the collection is actually just a collector.

Also, supposedly the person behind the collection of vehicles happens to be a beloved member of the community. The hoarder theory just doesn't really check out. Plus, the cars are arranged so neatly, it's nothing like what you see on that gag inducing TV series.

The One Thread Among All The Theories And Legends That Stay Constant

The one constant among all the theories, rumors, legends, and stories about the field of cars is that they are owned by a very nice man. He's a man who just happens to love old vehicles, and keeps a collection of them for himself.

Supposedly, the individual used to own a junk yard but got out of the business years ago. What you see out there isn't a junkyard, scrapyard, or just abandoned vehicles.

It's a collection.

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