I remember when Sears in Amarillo, Texas closed. It was the end of an era. Sears was a place I grew up going to. For the most part, it was a one-stop shop for pretty much anything you wanted. You could pick up a lawn chair, some tools, and a polo shirt all in one spot. Unfortunately, those days are behind us now; or so we thought.

Sears Isn't Completely Gone, Yet

Without many of us being aware, Sears has been quietly sneaking back into the lives of consumers. As of now, there are at least two Sears stores in operation. There was no major fanfare. No massive press events were held.

One of those stores is in California. The other one is in Washington state.

Supposedly, these stores aren't anything that you wouldn't recognize. They still carry most of the items you grew accustomed to seeing in a Sears. They have everything from mattresses and appliances to clothes and accessories.

Some are saying that the potential for a comeback is there.

Will We Be Seeing A Return Of Sears In Texas?

It isn't outside of the realm of possibility. While there isn't anything yet that confirms we will be seeing one, you have to imagine that we're on the list if things go well. If we can get a one-of-a-kind Universal theme park, I'm sure that we could get a Sears.

Fingers crossed.

What I'm anxious to see as this develops, is what Sears does to keep up in the digital age. We've seen several retailers try to make the switch to incorporate more online sales, offering options for pick-up or delivery and having digital-only specials or discounts.

Hopefully, these two new stores do well and Sears will be able to find its footing in the modern retail world, so we can see it back in the Lone Star State.

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