There are many of us who have a soft spot in our heart for the odd, strange, and confusing things you can find scattered along highways and byways across the country. Texas, I assume due to its size, seems to be home to a large amount of them.

For instance, we have our very own version of Stonehenge and the heads of Easter Island.

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No Need To Travel Overseas! Just Come To Texas!

I honestly find this to be one of the most confusing installations in the Lone Star State. Why do we have our own replica Stonehenge and statues of Easter Island?

Perhaps someone couldn't be bothered to travel overseas. A problem with their passport maybe? So, they decided we needed our own.


Maybe someone had an obsession with these two different mysterious wonders, and decided we really needed our own here.

Stonehenge And Easter Island...In Ingram, Texas

So, after a quick look around the Internet I've discovered that I'm not too far off on the origins of the henge and heads.

According to legend, the creator of the sculptures got his first piece of limestone from a friend. After standing the slab up, inspiration struck.

Next thing you know, a project is bankrolled and there's a new henge in to speak. The Easter Island heads were added later, after the artist returned from a trip abroad to Easter Island.


The henge is roughly 90% as wide as the original one. It's roughly 60% as tall. So not everything is bigger in Texas.

Land exchanged hands, and the sculptures had to be moved. They eventually found a permanent home in Ingram, Texas.

Texas: Weird, Unique, Strange, Individual From Toe To Tip

Up in the panhandle we have half buried classic cars held together by generations of graffiti. We have mammoth fire hydrants. We even have the world's biggest shovel for some reason.

We also have our very own Lone Star version of Stonehenge and the heads of Easter Island.

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