People in Texas prefer to be on the cutting edge and to do things their way. That applies even to burials and cremations. In recent years there's been a surge in interest regarding alternatives to what you might consider the "standard". Here are the top 3 ways people in Texas prefer to rest in peace.

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What Alternative Burials Are Available In Texas?

There are several different alternatives to a standard burial available. In a recent Choice Mutual study, they found that Texans are most interested in three alternatives. All three revolve around having a smaller "environmental impact" than a traditional burial or cremation, and some even have a way of honoring those who have passed well after they've gone.

These alternatives range from tree pods to memorial reefs. There's even an option that will let your remains boldly go where no remains have gone before.

What Are The Top Burial Alternatives In Texas?

The top 3 burial and cremation alternatives in Texas are:

  • Green Burial
  • Human Composting
  • Tree Pod Burial

In a green burial, the emphasis is placed on letting the body decompose naturally and return to the Earth without having a negative impact. The embalming process is skipped, and biodegradable caskets or shrouds are used.

Human composting is exactly what it sounds like.  The body is placed in a special container with organic materials like wood chips and straw, and over time the body decomposes into nutrient-rich soil.

Tree pod burials have become popular recently. The body is buried inside a special biodegradable pod. A tree is then planted above the body. As the body decomposes, it feeds the tree.

What Other Alternative Burials Are Texans Choosing?

Other methods include memorial reefs (remains mixed into environmentally safe cement used to create habitats for marine life) , mushroom suits (burial shrouds with mushroom spores added to them to help the body decompose), and space burials. Space burials are exactly what they sound like. In a space burial, ashes are blasted into orbit.

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