Amarillo is home to several unique street names. In fact, many cities have uniquely named streets and neighborhoods. It's part of the allure of moving to certain areas. Recently, I came across a street sign that made me laugh out loud.

Is it the laziest, or best, street name in all of Amarillo?

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Nevermind Place, Amarillo, Texas

Driving through residential areas in Amarillo, your met with the usual street names. There are the numbered streets, as you expect, along with names of presidents, historical figures, and places.

Then, you come across this gem.

Tucked away off of 53rd is a spot that is so uniquely named, that I honestly laughed out loud passing the sign. At first, I assumed it was Neverland Place. That would be a cute name for a neighborhood. When I looked again, I realized it said Nevermind Place.

Go ahead. Laugh. You're allowed to.

Brilliant Or Just Lazy?

Is there the individual responsible for naming roads just gave up and said, "Bah! Never mind this place!" Was it born of frustration? Did a table get flipped as a person with sudden creative mental block stormed outside for a smoke break?

In my mind, that's the perfect story. Either that, or it was named by one of Nirvana's biggest fans.

Then you add to the fact that Nevermind Place has it's very own park. With a name like Nevermind, it's pretty much what you would expect.


A park where someone just said...never mind. Not in a bad way, necessarily. You just won't find a massive park, fountain, or well manicured walking trail.


I Think It's Perfect In Every Way

It's a nice enough neighborhood, with the "park" there for the kids to burn energy in. The name alone makes me want to live there just so I can have my mail addressed to Nevermind Place.

I'm sure there has to be some long drawn out story behind the name; an inside joke at the very least. If not, it's still my new favorite street name in Amarillo.

Cheers to you, Nevermind Place.

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