We all complain and joke about driving in Amarillo. If it isn't a construction zone, it's the people on the road with us that make our blood pressure rise. Recently, a driver in Amarillo did something completely unexpected and it reminded me that we're not all completely crazy.

Traffic in Amarillo can be a nightmare. That's no secret. The more populated this area becomes, the bigger that nightmare can be. If I'm on the road during any kind of peak traffic time, I'm nervous. People get in a hurry, and they don't pay attention.

Recently, I was running late and had to stop at the grocery store before going on to my final destination. I went to the United at 45th and Bell, got my items, and then as I went to leave my heart sank. I had to make a left-hand turn onto Bell from the parking lot.

It almost doesn't matter which parking lot you're leaving in Amarillo, if you're turning left you're probably going to have to wait for a while. I was attempting to pull this off at 5 PM. The traffic was insane.

As I watched the tsunami of cars line up at the red light, I knew I would be stuck waiting forever. There was no way they were going to let me go. That kind of consideration is rare these days. We're all in a hurry and have somewhere we need to be.

I was surprised when a van stopped, and gave me more than enough room to get across. Seeing that the van had stopped to let me out, drivers in the other lanes followed suit. What I thought would take forever, only lasted about five minutes.

I don't know who you were but thank you. We should all be more considerate like this. Thanks for the reminder that we're not that bad on the road...some of the time.

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