It's not unusual to have wind in the Texas panhandle. It is just a part of our way of life. So are stretches of time without rain. When those two things combine, it can be a dangerous mix.

What do you get when drought and wind mix? Fire and dust in the Texas panhandle.

Another Day Of Strong Winds And Fire Danger In The Panhandle.

This morning started out with a wind forecast that we're all familiar with. Winds were going to be in 50mph range. A headache for those of us wanting to get outside for a nice spring day, but nothing we've never seen before.

However, with the dry conditions in the area, it created a situation where wildfires would be all to easy to start.

Earlier today, I was driving down Coulter toward the medical district, and the dust was crazy. I've seen the dust get wild on Soncy, but not that often on that side of Coulter. This was before 12 PM.

Then, reports came of a fire in Wheeler County. The wildfire alert was for the area around CO RD 9 and CO RD X.

Be Cautious Out There

There are a lot of things we can do to help reduce the possibility of wildfires popping up. If you smoke, put your cigarette out safely. Don't just chuck it out of the window while you're driving down the road.

Make sure you aren't dragging chains down the road if you have a trailer. Those sparks can lead to disaster.

A lot of the tips we hear all of the time are pretty common sense type things.

Oh, and be sure to say a prayer for rain.

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Russell's Travel Center

Russell's Travel Center is a hidden gem on I-40 W just past the Texas/New Mexico State Line.

Exit 369

This travel center has a classic car museum inside as well as a quaint little chapel.

Hungry? It also has an awesome diner that you need to try.