We all have a soft spot for high school mascots. I still wear my high school team's logo with pride all these years later. It's a big part of growing up for some of us.

However, it seems that some mascots could have probably used at least a second thought before being decided upon.

No Disrespect Intended. It's Just A Fun Thought Exercise.

Heck, I'll even go after my high school first. My high school is the proud home of the Bearcats. We have blue and gold pride, and our Bearcat could do back-flips at one point in time.

However, when you look up what a bearcat is; well, you find out that it's not that scary at all. In fact, they're kind of cute.

Photo by Leshley Guevara on Unsplash
Photo by Leshley Guevara on Unsplash

A bearcat is really a binturong. Binturongs are native to southeast Asia, not Oklahoma, and aren't really all that scary. They're herbivorous for crying out loud.

All tremble in fear before the mighty, mighty vegan tree climbing thing from southeast Asia that kind of resembles a panda, but isn't!

Ridiculous when you think about it, really.

I know of a place where they call themselves "the dogies." A dogie is a motherless calf. Think about that one for a second. The mighty motherless calves. Not quite so intimidating, is it?

I've even sat under the colors of the mighty elk. Ask me how I felt about cheering for a squad of deer people.

This One Though, This One Made Me Literally Laugh Out Loud

Given my history with unfortunate high school mascots and team names, what could possibly press my giggle button harder than the mighty motherless calves?

The steers.

Now, I get heritage, history, and culture playing a part in all of this. Like I said, no where in Oklahoma will you find a binturong, yet my mascot was a bearcat. It's nice that a place would lean heavily on their history when naming the team.

However, when you stop and think about it, telling the steers to be aggressive, b-e-aggressive, doesn't make much sense.

Technically, they're not supposed to.

Photo by Larkin Hammond on Unsplash
Photo by Larkin Hammond on Unsplash

A steer is a castrated male bovine. In other words, it's a male cow that's been cut and lacks the testosterone needed to b-e-aggressive.

What about the girls' teams? They're the lady steers, which to me seems a bit unfair to the steers. It's not their fault they were cut at a young age. No need to pour salt in the wound.

As unfortunate as the name may be, I do wish them all the luck and a good run for state.

In the future, maybe we could spend an extra second deciding our high school team names.

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