I'm not a superstitious person. Not by any stretch. In the Lone Star State, I might be alone in that. According to a recent study that was done, Texas is one of the most, if not the most, superstitious states in the country.

So what makes tons of Texans knock on wood?

According To Recent Findings, Texas Is The Most Superstitious State

You can thank the folks at Bet MGM for this little nugget of knowledge. According to a recent survey they conducted, Texas came in first when it comes to which state is the most superstitious.

Our favorite superstitions?

Well, we're not fond of broken mirrors, we love a good four-leaf clover, and knocking on wood seems to do a lot for our anxiety.

Why Would Texans Want To Knock On Wood?

I asked myself that very question. I honestly didn't think that the rugged state of Texas would be so prone to superstitions. Yet, here we are.

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense...given the last few years.

Whether it's an electric grid, or legal electric lettuce (like pretty much all of our neighboring states), all you can do as a Texan is...knock on wood.

Want to go to a casino or do some sports betting in the Lone Star State? Find some wood and give it a tap, tap, tap.

How about rain? We know it exists. We've actually seen a little bit recently. Still, we're in a drought. Better to get to knockin'.

The price of everything is getting sky-high, and your wages are still sitting at the terminal waiting for group C to board the plane. Find some wood and get to knockin' I guess.

The Dallas Cowboys...'nuff said. You might want to go find yourself a lumber yard for that one.

I suppose we do have a lot that people would want to knock on wood about. Me, I'm knocking on wood hoping you've read this far.

Look at me...

I suppose I am a little superstitious after all.

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