145 years is a long time, and it's how long the first organized county in the Texas panhandle has been around. It's an unassuming place to those on the outside, but it's full of history and a lot of stories. From Route 66 to old military forts, this county has it all. Happy birthday Wheeler County, Texas.

Wheeler County; Organized April 12, 1879

On April 12, 1879, Wheeler County became the first organized county in the Texas panhandle. These days, Wheeler County is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the Texas panhandle along Route 66 thanks to Shamrock.

It's home to Mobeetie, which is considered the "Mother City" of the Texas panhandle. Mobeetie would be the first county seat of Wheeler County after growing from a camp for buffalo hunters into a thriving community.

Wheeler County 145 Years Later

Almost a century-and-a-half later, most of us spend a lot of time traveling through Wheeler County without realizing the history around us. Most of that traveling is done in the southern part of the county along I-40. That trip takes us through Shamrock.

Shamrock gives us the biggest St. Patrick's Day party in the panhandle, which lasts three whole days. It's home to the U-Drop Inn, an icon of Route 66 that has been featured in movies.

Mobeetie is no longer the county seat. In 1907, the county seat was moved to Wheeler, Texas. Mobeetie would split into Old Mobeetie and New Mobeetie.

It's amazing to think that over 145 years ago, a small camp was set up for buffalo hunters in the Texas panhandle. That camp would eventually lead to the first organized county in the Texas panhandle and some of the most iconic landmarks in the region.

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