When it comes to Texas panhandle history, it can be argued that no town is more infamous than old Tascosa. The town was known for being a place where desperadoes and outlaws would travel through. There was no shortage of libation and "fun" to be had.

One time, the panhandle's wildest town met with the wild west's wildest Kid.

Billy The Kid And The Rowdy Town Of Tascosa

Billy the Kid had already built a nasty reputation for himself by the time he and his crew decided to ride into Tascosa. Now simply a memory, Tascosa was once the rowdiest town in the panhandle. Every vice could be catered to, as long as you had the money to spend.


According to legend, Billy rode into the area with a bunch of stolen horses in tow. Supposedly, he was met by the LIT Ranch wagon boss near Tascosa. Billy was told, or possibly more accurately warned, that no trouble was wanted from him. He agreed, and then set up shop in Tascosa.

According To Legends, It Was Exactly What You Would Expect

Lore has it that while Billy was in Tascosa, he pretty much got along with everybody. There aren't any stories of wild shootouts or murderous rampages. Supposedly he was known to spend his time gambling, or holding shooting contests.

There is one occasion where he supposedly threatened to kill some men for suggesting that Billy and the Regulators weren't respectable. Other than that, it was all about betting on his horses (stolen horses) and selling his horses (stolen horses).

Billy Left A Lasting Mark On Tascosa As Only He Could

It's interesting that Billy rode into town with several stolen horses in tow. It's interesting because that's exactly how he would leave.

Before Billy and the Regulators decided to head back to New Mexico, legend has it that they rustled up a bunch of horses from area ranches and then hightailed it.

Fun fact; it would be Billy's later cattle rustling ways that would help give rise to the Panhandle Stock Association. It was formed in Mobeetie.

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