There is a lot of history in the Texas panhandle. It contains everything from some of the baddest outlaws from when the West was still wild; to the daring ranchers who tried to tame the land. Still, as fascinating as the history is, I don't think I would make this into a road trip.

Would you actually want to visit these special Panhandle graveyards?

What Makes Them Different From Other Graveyards?

Mainly, it's that they are remnants left from a time when this was all still wide open frontier. Men and women were coming here to carve out a new life in unsettled territories.

Some of the graves mark lives that were filled with family, hard work, and dreams of better days. Some of them mark lawmen and outlaws.

Some of them exist because tempers and trigger fingers work together to put men in the ground.

The Texas Panhandle's Diverse "Western Graveyards"

From boot hills to mausoleums, you'll find it in the Texas panhandle. Some graves are marked by beautiful works of art. Others are just two sticks crossed and shoved in the hard ground.

Either way, they all tell a story.

I suppose that's what draws people to these sites, and sites like them. It's a chance to be that close to history.

There are some really nice videos you can find on YouTube where you can see these historical sites, without having to go and see them for yourself.

It's a fine line you have to walk, mixing reverence and fascination. Check out the videos.

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