"All that drama just to have diarrhea?"

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Man, people do wild things when they're hungry.  You know what they say, 'Hunger brings out the worst in people.' And let me tell you, folks, it's never more evident than in a fast food joint. I've seen grown men throw punches over the last chicken nugget.

But you should never lay your hands on someone.  Especially if you're a man, and the person you're beefing with is a woman. I mean, look how this guy handles his situation.  He patiently sits there as his girlfriend yells at him and even goes as far as throwing water in his face.  He knows once the food shows up, all will be back to normal.

Things went down very differently in a Texas Chipotle.

Check out this video:

Is it really worth going to jail just because someone allegedly cut in line?  Your food will take two more minutes, my man. Also, she looks like she would have rolled your teeth if other customers hadn't stepped in.

Lots of people have weighed in on Twitter.

But hey, I ain't judgin'. If that burrito means that much to you, go ahead and fight for it. Just don't forget to add Guacamole. Now excuse me, I've got a craving for a Whopper and some entertainment.

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