Planning on using Airbnb or Vrbo for your spring break? Well this story is one of nightmares.

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I have personally never used Airbnb or Vrbo, but I have heard mixed reviews. Seriously my friends either had the best experience using it or one of the worst stays of their life. Well one woman had a trip planned to Galveston, Texas that she will never forget.

Check Out the Property on Vrbo

Photo from Vrbo
Photo from Vrbo

I actually found the property the woman was talking about in the TikTok below. It's described as a colorful Galveston getaway that is only 500 feet from the beach. From the looks of it...not a bad place at all. Unfortunately things did not go well for this family last summer.

Listen to This Lady's Horror Story from this Galveston Rental

Apparently when she went to check in for the first night of her stay. The rental had a strange smell. She thought it was a gas leak, so she called the owner and informed them they may have a leak. When she returned later in the day, the house was surrounded by police tape. Apparently a dead body was found in a closet in the property. The Galveston Daily Times did a story on the dead body. Turns out it was a man who was accused of sexual abuse that was sentenced to life in prison. Apparently he hung himself in the residence and no one knew he was in the closet.

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Looks like Vrbo offered the woman a $100 refund for the whole ordeal. Doesn't seem like fair compensation for having to smell a dead body, but thankfully her kids or she didn't actually stumble upon the dead body. So be careful when getting a rental property. You may never know if a dead body is chilling in a closet.

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