This woman thought endless, truly meant endless, and she decided to throw a temper tantrum.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Suspect

We all know the endless shrimp promotion that Red Lobster puts on throughout the year. You pay a set price, then you get to eat as much shrimp as you want. I think it's around $25 right now from what I see, but price may vary by your location. Looks like an Oklahoma woman did not like the rule that was put in place for the "Endless Shrimp".

Oklahoma Woman Destroyed a Red Lobster

Police are currently looking for this woman after she left a Red Lobster without paying and also throwing plates all over the restaurant. She apparently wanted to get some endless shrimp to go. Which as most people know, you can't do. Basically you can eat as much as you want in the restaurant, but you're not allowed to take shrimp home with you. Once you're done a plate, you can order more. Even on the Red Lobster website it says, "Take-home containers will not be provided," for endless shrimp.

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Supposed Red Lobster Where This Took Place

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Oklahoma City police technically never said Red Lobster in their post. So I was curious if a Red Lobster was in the area they described. They said the suspects went into a restaurant near Memorial/May. Turns out a Red Lobster is in Oklahoma City at 2635 Memorial Road. So pretty safe to assume this is the restaurant they're talking about.

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