While it doesn’t always love me back, I do love me some liquor.

And when it comes to liquor, I’m more of a shot-taker than a cocktail drinker. Not that I don’t love a good cocktail, mind you. But more often than not, I’ll have a few shots along with a couple of beers for a nightcap.

I’m pretty straightforward when it comes to shots. I typically stick with whiskey or bourbon, but I don’t mind branching out with a lemon drop or a jello shot from time to time. The only shots I won’t do are the ones that contain the word “bomb.” I drink to chill, not get crunk.

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So, I came across an article earlier today that highlighted the favorite shot in each state. Being a fan of shots, I was curious to see what my fellow Texans are most into. My guess was tequila, but I was wrong.

According to Google Trends, the most popular shot in Texas is the Four Horsemen.

If you’re not familiar with it, the Four Horsemen is a mix of bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, scotch, and Irish whiskey. It’s typically made with Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s, Johnnie Walker, and Jameson, four of the most popular brands of each type of whiskey.

When it comes to our neighbors north of the Red River, Oklahoma’s favorite shot is the Lemon Drop. Be careful Sooners, that tasty little shot will get you in trouble. Talk about a straight-up mind eraser.

Overall, the Jägerbomb and jello shots are the two most popular. Each was determined to be the favorite in 10 states.

Check out the full results of the study here.

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