It's always an awkward thing, right? The first date with someone. Maybe you've had your eye on this person for a while, maybe it was something recent. Either way, you want to plan the perfect first date so you can make a good impression and keep things moving forward.

The planning of that first date can be stressful without a doubt. Making sure it isn't a generic dinner and a movie kind of date, unless that's your thing of course. You want to have some good interaction with the person and make it memorable. Amarillo has plenty of places that work for a first date, but sometimes you can draw a blank.

Well, that's what I'm here for. I want to help you make sure that your first date is unforgettable, so here are a few places to go or things to do that will almost ensure a second long as you don't fumble the ball on it.


It's always good to try and have a couple of things planned for the evening so it's not all located in just one place. Different scenes and atmospheres can bring out a person's personality and make them comfortable.

So why not start at a coffee house? The 806 is a perfect place to break the ice. It's a small and intimate place located right there on 6th St. Start things off casually with a cup of joe, get to know each other, then venture out for your next activity.


You want to find something fun that keeps you both active, talking, and laughing. There's nothing better than going back to your childhood and playing some classic video games. Lit Arcade Bar should be the next stop on your list.

No matter who you are, you have a competitive side, and playing a few rounds of Pac-Man is a fun way to show that competitive fire in you, all while being able to laugh and talk throughout the game. If video games don't interest either of you, there's always a pool table you can grab. No matter your skill level, there are always laughs and conversation to be had around the felt.


Now that you've been in the loud and exciting atmosphere, it's time to slow things down a bit. Plus, you're probably a bit hungry from having your fun at Lit. You're going to want something a bit more quiet and relaxing for dinner, and of course, good food.

Why not have a reservation setup at Mac Joe's? It's hands down one of the best restaurants in Amarillo, and the setting is perfect for you two to speak freely and get to know one another. Whether you have a relatively basic palate or someone who enjoys explosive flavors, Joe's has something for everyone.


By this point in the evening, you'll know which setting your date was most comfortable in. Was it the loud and exciting atmosphere of Lit? Maybe the conversation was better at dinner. This is where you have a couple of different options.

If it's loud and boisterous that was the best part of the night, find yourself somewhere you can kick your heels up and do a little dancing. You'll hopefully know what type of music your date is into by now, so choose the place based on that.

Maybe dinner was the most enjoyable and relaxing part of the evening. This is when you want to find a nice lighted trail the two of you can stroll along, and it's a great opportunity to get a bit closer by holding hands as you walk.

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