One of the biggest complaints about Amarillo is that it's dirty. Not just from the wind blowing dust around, but from all the trash that floats around the city as well.

Sure, we all know there's going to be trash that floats around in any city. Not everyone cares enough to find a trash bin and drop their trash in one. The problem is bigger than even that though surprisingly.

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Take a walk down the alleys of Amarillo and tell me what you see. There are bags of trash that are outside of the trash bins. Sometimes its because the bins are too full to fit anything else in them, other times its due to a sheer lack of laziness.

So what other things do you find there? Well, a bunch of things that aren't supposed to be there quite honestly. Items such as mattresses, furniture, and other large items. A lot of residents feel it's ok to dump this stuff out there. It's not.

The city has a program for large items like that. You call them up, schedule a pick-up day and time, and they'll grab it for you right off your front lawn. However, they will NOT take these items if you drop them at the dumpsters. They'll sit there for weeks, even months, at a time.

Well the city has come up with a new program that they're going to test out, and it could net you some solid extra cash. They are considering a new program called "Uber For Trash" and it will allow residents to take their trailers, dump trucks, whatever you may have that works, and get paid to clean up areas of illegal dumping.

They plan on running a pilot program to see how well it works, and if all goes well, it will become a permanent thing. You will take on a job somewhere in the city that is assigned to you, takes pictures of it before and after you're done cleaning it, and that's that. Some jobs could pay you up to $300.

I love the concept of this program. We clean up the city in a major way, and you get some extra cash. I may just look into buying a big trailer now.

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