Christmas time in Amarillo has been spectacular this season. I swear I've seen more people put up these holiday displays that are absolutely mind-blowing, and I love seeing all the different ideas and iterations people have come up with.

One thing my family does each year on Christmas Eve is a Christmas light scavenger hunt. We print up a list of things to find when it comes to outdoor decorations, and check them off the list. We split up into two teams and see who can complete the list first.

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There is always one place we go where we can typically find the most spectacular setups...and normally 95% of the things on the list. That is the Wolflin neighborhood. Also known for it's Halloween festivities, the Wolflin area goes ALL OUT every single year, and you're hard pressed to find a house in the neighborhood that hasn't joined the party.

So as we find ourselves a mere few days away from Christmas, we've put together a gallery of all the lights you will see in Wolflin. Ok, maybe not ALL the lights, we want to leave some for you to be surprised by.

LOOK: Christmas Lights in Wolflin Historic District 2023

Wolflin is a wonderful place in Amarillo to see spectacular displays of Christmas lights.

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark/TSM

The White Jewel Of Wolflin Is On The Market For $1.1 Million

This beautiful Wolflin home can be found at 3207 S Parker and is listed with Cornerstone Realty Group w/ RockOne Realty, LLC for a modest $1.1 million.

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark