Is it me, or has WTAMU come under fire a lot lately? It started with the president of the university canceling the drag show that was supposed to take place. That alone was enough for the entire year as far as things they wanted to have to deal with.

Now, they have a former employee who is suing the university, and the suit that has been filed has a lot of juicy stuff in there that the university is being accused of.

Georganna Ecker was the Director of the Civil Rights and Title IX Department at WTAMU and has filed suit against West Texas A&M after being fired from her job.

According to the suit filed with the courts, she had two different supervisors give her scores of “Exceeds Expectations” and “Significantly Exceeds Expectations” in her annual reviews, and her most recent one was on the exceeds scale.

Ms. Ecker was part of a sex discrimination investigation within the campus police department at the university back in 2021. She uncovered evidence of this, along with more unlawful conduct. When she presented her findings, she was abruptly removed from the investigation being told she could not be trusted.

No longer in charge of the investigation, she stepped out of her role as the Director of the Civil Rights and Title IX Department and protested the matter to the chancellor of the university. Her reasoning behind doing this was she felt that the chief of the university police department was covering some things up.

Chancellor Sharp reportedly never responded to her email about the matter. It was early in 2023 that she had heard Chief Burns had been making some threatening comments. One of the comments allegedly made was, “when all this is over, bodies are going to be stacked, starting across the hall.”

The "across the hall" comment was very concerning to her as her office was the one directly across from Chief Burns' office. She once again emailed Chancellor Sharp about this, fearing that her job was in jeopardy.

Once again, Chancellor Sharp did not respond to her email.

It was just a couple of weeks later that Ms. Ecker was informed she was being suspended, and ultimately terminated from her position. When she asked the HR representative why this was happening, she was allegedly told that she could not be "trusted".

Once again, Ms. Ecker emailed Chancellor Sharp with all the facts. He again did not respond. On March 1, 2023, she received a notice stating that she was terminated.

Ms. Ecker and her lawyers have stated she still has not received a "coherent reason" as to why she was terminated from her position, hence the reason for the lawsuit. You can read the entire complaint here, and you should. There's so much more to the story.

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