If you have someone in your life, maybe it's you, that's a fan of all things 'beaver,' we've found the ultimate Buc-ee's birthday cake!

We all know, Buc-ee's is the Disney of gas stations. In fact, some people would call it blasphemous to call Buc-ee's a mere gas station. For these uber fans, Buc-ee's isn't just a convenience store, it's a way of life. Unfortunately for those of us in Louisiana who have to make it through life without a Buc-ee's, at least for now, we have to satisfy ourselves with visits to the holy land on road trips. However, we're still allowed to show our love for all things 'beaver' related despite living close to the motherland. Hence, I give you the ultimate Buc-ee's birthday cake, for the supreme Buc-ee fan.

So, if you're into a wide array of snacks, ginormous brisket sandwiches, filling your gas tank, and shopping for home décor, skillets, and apparel all in the same place, you're probably digging that cake. Isn't it gorgeous? Now I'm thinking we need a local bakery to start making them. Hint! Hint!

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