With the summer being abnormally hot in Texas this year, we are anticipating an intense winter to be on the way. Unseasonably cold and stormy winters mean that there are some precautions that will be good to put in place knowing how cold it can get and how fragile the Texas power grid can be.  

While it may seem like it is too far out to start worrying about these things, it's best to start early so you aren't left unprepared when the cold hits.

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Prevent Freezing 

If you have some sort of outdoor water source, be sure to cover them up to keep pipes from bursting. Also, keep your cabinet doors open and a slow drip on any sinks to make sure they don’t freeze. This is a simple and easily forgettable task that can save you a lot of struggles and money in the long run. 

Stock Up 

Whether it’s water, non-perishable foods, toiletries, batteries, or any other necessity, be sure you have a decent supply that can last you and your family in case the power goes out. There are a variety of emergency kits out there that can be great to keep on hand, just do your research to find out what best suits your needs.  

Stay Warm 

Be sure to keep good blankets, jackets, and potentially some form of insulating materials like foam board to keep you warm. The foam can be placed in your windows, along doorways, and any other point where cold air can get into the house. This will help to keep your house as warm as possible in case of a power outage. Also, be sure to have supplies to keep your pets safe as well.  

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