Now that Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas is on all of our minds. Whether you are passionate about the holiday, or simply enjoy spending time with family, everyone can appreciate some festive Christmas decorations.  

There are all sorts of ways to decorate from wreaths to lights to trinkets, there is something for the most minimalistic and the most extravagant. While most of us simply select the décor that best fits our aesthetic, some people have certain superstitions that dictate how, when, and where they decorate for Christmas.  

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Let’s take a look at some of these old Christmas superstitions and traditions according to  

  • Most homes were decorated on Christmas Eve to avoid the anger of capricious forces. 
  • No lights were put on before the first star appeared. 
  • The tree should be brought into the house not before the 24th December. 
  • In Germany, the last ornament on the tree is a pickle shaped ornament. In the morning, the child who finds the Christmas pickle gets a special present. 
  • Traditionally, the doors of the home were thrown open at midnight on Christmas Eve to let the trapped evil spirits out. 
  • The Christmas candle was left burning in a window all night to enlighten the path of the good luck for the coming year to the household. 
  • The first person to wake up on Christmas would shout into the street 'Welcome Old Father Christmas'. 
  • Lucky birds are welcome on Christmas and signify good luck. 
  • The first person to visit the household should bring the evergreens or coals with him and gets the privilege to kiss all the women of the house. Men are served with a drink and something to eat while children are given lucky coins. 
  • Decorations should be taken down on 12th day of Christmas Eve, whereas in some other countries the festivity of Christmas remains till the feast of the Grand Candle mass that falls around 2nd February. 
  • An angel or star is placed on the top of Christmas tree which represents being the host of angels or the star of Bethlehem from the Nativity. 

While many of us no longer believe or participate in these superstitions, it is interesting to see the different ways people celebrate.

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