Lubbock is filled with many people with many talents but one person seems to stick out among the crowd and that's Arle Rossnagel. Arle was born in Amarillo but moved to Lubbock a few years ago and is a true Lubbockite as she is a college student studying Public Relations at Texas Tech by day but is also a singer by night and her mom states that she's been singing since she was two-years-old.

Arle began her career at the age of 15 in church and playing just at coffee shops where she moved on to a few duos where she met, her now manager, Bo Garza. Arle originally started off playing some jazz but has now moved on to more of a country genre, but she refers to her sound as organic. When you listen to Arle's music you can feel that soulfulness in her voice from her years singing jazz and it's almost like a mashup of the two genres which is something I've never heard of before but she's made it her own.

I obviously can't talk about Arle's music without having listened to it and just like her voice has soul it's that same voice that hits your soul like a nice glass of sun tea over ice on a hot summer day. Refreshing, uplifting, and overall just makes you feel confident and relaxed with those undertones of Bo Garza's voice as strums the guitar. I am all for musical journeys, which Arle and Bo Garza definitely transported me to a relaxing vacation in a cool cottage in the middle of a field while enjoying the breeze hitting the tall grass as the sun sets.

Arle has performed the national anthem before at a few Texas Tech events and loves performing for her school as she said "Wreck 'Em" during our interview. Arle also plays weeknights at Ike's on Tuesday's and Table 82 on Thursday's but says she loves also playing at Amici's Wine Bar but is open to performing at the Buddy Holly Center Summer Showcase and McPherson Cellars Winery next Summer. Arle will be releasing an EP that should be ready in just a couple of months that will have some of her new songs and duo performances with Bo Garza and Dave Gibson.

More information on Arle's music can be found on her social media page along with where she performs solo, or with manager Bo Garza, and her music can also be found on AppleMusic, Spotify, or anywhere else music is streamed. You can also listen to an exclusive sneak peek of her favorite song she wrote and performed with Bo Garza and Dave Gibson at the top of the article named It's Alright.

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