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It's not yet time for the solar eclipse but a lot of eyes will be on the sky this week as a big satellite will come crashing down on Earth. And no one seems to know where exactly it will crash.

The satellite, known as ERS-2 weighs over five thousand pounds and could enter Earth's atmosphere as soon as Wednesday according to CBS News and the European Space Agency.

Could ERS-2 Slam Into Texas?

It's important to point out that the space agency isn't exactly sure when the satellite will re-enter Earth's atmosphere because the return of the satellite is what they call "natural". There is no way to contact the satellite and the last of the satellite's fuel was used in 2011 which is good thing when you consider the possibility of explosions or fire.

Since the satellite is uncontrollable, as of this writing, no one knows where exactly the satellite will enter Earth's atmosphere.

Are People In Danger of ERS-2 Falling From Space?

The short answer here is, most likely not. According to CBS News, most of the satellite will burn up upon re-entry. They also believe that any remaining fragments will likely fall into the ocean. In fact, according to the European Space Agency, the annual risk of a person being injured by "space debris" is under 1 in 100 billion. So we should be just fine.

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