Those holidays can be tricky when it comes to having kids, can't they? Schools in Amarillo,TX. seem to give a lot of days off, and it seems that essentially each holiday that pops up on the calendar is a chance for the kids to get an extra day at home.

However, when it comes to the business world, we don't seem to get every one of those days off. There's no "in-service day" in corporate America. We don't all get holidays such as President's Day off.

So what exactly do you do with the kids? Your options are typically to find a sitter (which everyone is doing), take them to work with you (if your office is lax enough to allow that), or take the day off from work and burn up a day of PTO when you don't want to.

Then again, there is another option for you this President's Day. A chance for the kids to both have some fun, and also still do some learning.

Drop the kiddos off at Don Harrington Discovery Center on Monday for their Camp Discovery's Day! They have two different camps based on grade/age that you can utilize. One is for the Pre-K crowd and it'll run from 9 am to noon on Monday.

The other camp is an all-day camp for Kindergarten through 4th grade that will start at 9 am and run all the way to 4 pm, giving you the ability to put in essentially a full day of work.

At camp, the kids will get to check out all the different exhibits, and if you haven't been in awhile, they're in for a treat with some of the new ones. They'll also get to do some science experiments and other fun and exciting activites.

If you'd like to get them signed up for it, all you have to do is click here and you'll be able to get the child care you need...without them just wasting the day away.

Oh, did I mention you can sign up for pre-care and after-care as well if you can't alter your work hours? That's a win-win in my book.

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