Regarding local landmarks in Amarillo, there's no doubt that Cadillac Ranch is among the most recognizable in the area. Its prominence among Amarillo pop culture has even inspired some other landmarks in Texas, such as the Slug Bug Ranch.

And recently, another imitator of Amarillio's iconic Cadillac ranch has arisen. But this iteration of Cadillac Ranch has put a unique spin on the upwards-facing cars of Amarillo.

A Facebook user driving between Claude and Amarillo noticed what might be one of the cutest homages to Cadillac Ranch. The Facebook user who noticed this neat landmark nicknamed it "Kiddle Car Ranch", which perfectly encapsulates this piece of art.

Although it may not match the real Cadillac Ranch in sheer size, it makes up for it in heart.

Sadly the specific location of this mini-Cadillac Ranch is currently unknown. But chances are that if gains notoriety among the local community, it won't be long before Kiddie Car Ranch begins attracting visitors.

You have to hand it to the owners of this art piece, it's a pretty unique spin on what is one of Amarillo's most recognizable landmarks. Chances are that it took much less manpower and money than it took to make the original, but the creativity is about the same.

Hopefully, this inspires more artists in Amarillo to create their own renditions of the classic Cadillac Ranch. We would love to see what people in the Amarillo area have to offer in terms of vehicular art.

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