In a state as large as Texas, we have the opportunity for a lot of things to happen that require help from law enforcement. Stolen vehicles, missing people, and just different types of crimes being committed in general.

Because the state it so big, it can be a LITTLE easier to potentially get away with these things. Technology has been a big help in being able to solve a lot of crimes that in the past may not have been solved.

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In Amarillo, law enforcement has decided to double down on making sure those crimes being committed are being solved. Some may view it as an invasion of privacy, while others welcome these things.

License plate readers have been in Amarillo for a bit now, and they've been a huge help for law enforcement. In fact, they've helped so much, Amarillo Police Department has decided it's time to add 40 more license plate readers across town.

Now before you start talking about how this is unethical, they're tracking our every move, etc., I want you to stop for just a second. If you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. It's not like police are installing these to watch everyone's activity.

They're simply looking for people who they believe have committed a crime of some sort. If you're looking to quantify just how much these LPR's have assisted police in solving some cases, check these numbers out. The LPR's cross databases and alert police when a flagged license plate pops up. They can then head towards that area to approach the subject.

The first phase of installing the LPR's have assisted APD in 218 different cases, led them to 66 arrests, and recovered a stunning 84 stolen vehicles.

Stolen cars seem to be a problem in Amarillo, and you never know when you could be the next one to have yours taken. Wouldn't it be nice to get your ride back in a short period of time because the LPR's flagged police?

The new LPR's getting set to be installed will be on the south and east sides of Amarillo. No, they aren't going to tell us exactly where they are. That would defeat the purpose wouldn't it? All I'm saying is, criminals, your time is running out.

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