Ok, so in my almost three years here in Amarillo, TX., I've heard of some crazy stuff going down. Some of it didn't surprise me as it's stuff you hear about happening in any city. Some of it though has left me scratching my head.

Looks like we've got one to add to the head-scratching category, and truthfully not something I thought I'd ever see in Amarillo.

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Two people were arrested on February 10th after Potter County Sheriff's were notified that two male subjects were arguing in the 500 block of LaRuth. The person who notified deputies also mentioned they thought there were roosters fighting.

Well, that person was 100% correct. When officers arrived on scene, they found approximately 50 people watching a rooster fight that was taking place in a pen. As deputies began to break up the watch party, what they found was staggering.

160 fighting roosters were found on the property and were ultimately turned over to the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. That wasn't all they found on the premises though. Narcotics were also found on scene.

These two things led to the arrests of Ivan Guadelupe Herrera-Lopez and Juana Sanchez Gonzalez. Herrera-Lopez was the person found responsible for the rooster fighting and was hauled off to the Potter County Detention Center. Gonzalez is the one that was busted for possession of a controlled substance.

On top of all that, many of the people interviewed by officers were found to be in the U.S. illegally, and ICE was notified who ultimately took custody of those who were here illegally.

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