A fed-up bride on Reddit kicked her self-centered brother out of her wedding after he wouldn't stop bragging and making the reception all about him.

"For context my little brother was the favorite child growing up and all he ever talked about was himself, his looks, and his new girlfriend. I would always be the one to sit through his long conversations about him," the bride began.

"The wedding started off great, everyone was having a great time, then my brother shows up. I didn’t think much of it because I know my brother would have the common sense to see that the wedding isn’t about him. Boy, was I wrong. At first he said hi to me and a few family members, then he went off talking about himself," she shared.

"I was fine with it the first couple minutes, then it was kinda getting annoying, so I went off to go get myself something to eat. While I was eating my mother decided to make a toast dedicated to me which was very sweet, but then my brother made a toast right after my mother made hers, and the words that came out his mouth shocked me more than anything," she continued.

The bride's brother announced that he was "very excited about the day he proposes to his girlfriend and has a wedding," before bragging about the ring he bought her and how much it cost.

"After he was done speaking, I pulled him aside and said that this wedding isn’t about you and that he should not be taking the spotlight from others. I gave him two options: to leave, or to go back to the wedding and not brag about himself. He told me that I was a narcissistic, selfish person that can’t be happy for other people's success, then he left. I find it crazy he would rather leave than not brag," the bride explained.

"A couple days later I get tons of messages from people at the wedding saying I’m a selfish [person] that is jealous of my brother," she concluded.

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Users in the comments section slammed the bride's brother for his self-centered behavior at her wedding reception.

"You were correct to eject him and really shouldn't have given him the other option, as he's incapable of complying. As for all those messages you got, does your brother have an organized fan club? Otherwise, it's truly bizarre," one person wrote.

"Is this the wedding reception you're talking about? I'm just surprised at the 'my brother shows up' as though he hasn't been there the whole time? At his sister's wedding? For the family photos? I mean, obviously [you were right] for kicking him out for making a toast at your wedding about himself ... that's tacky," another shared.

"A selfish narcissistic [a--hole] was telling you that you are a selfish narcissistic person. And others are supporting a selfish narcissistic [a--hole] too? If there is one day you are allowed to be a bit selfish it is at your own wedding. Your brother taking all the attention is definitely wrong," someone else commented.

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