Hollywood actor Yano Anaya was first seen as the pint-sized bully Grover in the 1983 holiday film A Christmas Story. Nearly four decades later, Anaya is no longer welcome at the film's iconic Cleveland house after a verbal altercation occurred with the current homeowner.

Brian Jones purchased the home featured in the beloved Christmas film in 2004. He recently listed the property for sale, however, movie fans were confused because no price was revealed in the real estate listing.

Jones told WKYC Cleveland that there was a calculated reason for the lack of information.

"I'm looking for the right buyer. It's something you not only own but that you have to take care of," Jones told the news outlet.

The house from A Christmas Story is located at 3159 West 11th Street in Cleveland, Ohio. The property includes several buildings and a museum, which is estimated to bring in over $1 million yearly in revenue.

While fans of A Christmas Story are encouraged to visit and tour the property, Anaya is no longer welcome.

TMZ reports Anaya was taking photos with fans on the front steps of the Cleveland house when Jones verbally attacked him.

Jones allegedly told Anaya to "get the f--k out" and banned the actor-turned-fitness professional from the property before chasing him down the street.

Jones justified his actions by claiming he believed Anaya was the founder of a GoFundMe campaign attempting to crowdsource funds to purchase the home.

"I apologize for the way I expressed myself; however, it was out of concern that fans could be misled into contributing to a GoFundMe campaign that will not result in the purchase of the house," Jones told TMZ.

"I have no association with any GoFundMe campaign. I am not selling the house through Go Fund Me. Fans should not contribute to that fund under false pretenses, thinking their money is going toward buying the house. I am entertaining offers only from qualified buyers through my real estate broker," he added.

We aren't sure who the real bully is, but perhaps this quote from Ralphie can help sum up the situation: "In our world, you were either a bully, a toady, or one of the nameless rabble of victims."

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